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"Far too often we get caught up in what we think versus understanding how we feel. This matters in relationships. Dr. Collura provides a road map on how to tap into our deeper selves so we can authentically connect with others in a way that is relatable and very much appropriate for the times we live in. Everyone needs the lessons and insights provided in this book!”

Dr. Laurel Geise
International speaker, author and Co-founder of MMI Mindful Training Company


This book will instill sound understanding, credible science, artistic steps, and fundamental layers needed to to find your center, influence yourself so you can influence others, and redefine the importance of the relationships that witness your existence.

We all are victims of society's modern rat race and have forgotten the importance of true connection with one another and we are suffering because of it. Anxiety disorders, depression, broken relationships, substance abuse, suicide, loneliness, and a sense of not fitting in or belonging with others has been increasing. The presented seven layers clothe you with a deeper understanding of yourself so you can better understand others and live in true joy, happiness, and harmony.

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I’ve spent the majority of my life navigating challenges and adversity, just as you have. From witnessing a beloved family member get shot in the face when I was at the innocent age of eight years old to being the primary care provider for my mother while she endured the fight of her life with cancer to serving as an anti-kidnapping specialist throughout South America for executives who were targets of dangerous guerrilla groups, I have had my fair share of ups and downs. Like you and every other person on this planet, what helped me push through these and so many other trials and tribulations were relationships. The sense of community, support, belonging, and identity found within relationships gave me hope for the possibilities of “what could be” for my life and those in it.

We are living in such a unique time within the history of our world. We have tools at our disposal that seemingly make relationships very easy to facilitate and navigate yet loneliness, depression, anxiety, and failed understandings of ourselves as well as others are more widespread than ever. We were given the incredible gift of communication to foster community as a means of communing (or sharing life). Yet, we have abused and de-valued the gift of communication, mocked the meaning of a healthy and loving community and forgotten the pillars of what it takes to commune with one another.

The same challenges have consistently shown themselves through various roles and relationships I have had as a behavioral scientist, entrepreneur, “C” suite executive, and coach for high performing leaders and influencers across the globe. Regardless of the depth or type of service being provided there is one constant that is a focal point and that is time. Capitalizing it, optimizing it, and understanding how extraordinarily little of it we have. We waste so much time in our own heads trying to filter out constant noise we are presented with on a daily basis that we do not tap into who we really are and who we really want to be. This is depicted by who you choose to relate to and will consume time within your life you can never get back; the question is, are you utilizing time the way you should be to align your life with healthy, positive, and successful relationships.

My wish for you with this book is to provide a raw blueprint for joy and happiness with yourself through the many relationships that occupy your life; some relationships will make sense to keep after reading this book while others may not. Some will require a lot more work while others may be just fine as they are. Regardless, this book will clear dust and mud that is hindering the way you view relationships and your role within them. I believe there is a greater purpose for your life, and those who are in it, you may not even know about. This book will help you find it.

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Dr. Gino Collura (Dr. G) is a behavioral scientist and serial entrepreneur. He is known for being a "go-to" for "C" suite professionals when it comes to navigating the waters of engagement/commitment, influential leadership, as well as internal/external relationship management.
Gino is an accomplished motivational speaker and has had the privilege of speaking to business owners, empowerment groups, professional associations, and students across the globe.   
He was born and raised in Tampa, Florida and has been there the majority of his life minus a three-year stint where he lived and worked in South America as an Anti-Kidnapping specialist. An experience that changed his life forever and opened the gateway to his passion for understanding others, why they do the things they do, and influencing them to make positive as well as sustainable changes in their lives.
As a peer reviewed author, college professor, as well as PhD in the field of Neuroanthropology, he has dedicated his life’s work to enhancing the quality and impact groups and individuals have with the minimal time they have on this earth.
Dr. Collura currently resides in Tampa with his beautiful wife, his angel of a daughter and their two dogs, Boone (Chocolate Labrador) and Kaper (Chihuahua).

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